Description of the membership data file

Personal Data Act (523/99), section 10



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Name of the data file

Membership data file of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland

Contact person

Marja Meltti, toimistosihteeri
Hengitysliitto ry
PB 40
040 755 5126,

Purpose of the data file

The principal purpose of the membership data file is management of membership relations. Personal data is collected for communication purposes, membership fee invoicing and newsletter (Hengitys) postage.

Data contents of the file

The data file contains the name, address and membership fee data of individuals and corporations registered as members of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland. As voluntary information, the data file contains telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, dates of birth, disease categories, positions of trust and any voluntary training.

Regular sources of data

All of the data contained in the file has been obtained from individuals or corporations registered as members of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland. The data is collected by electronic form or from forms posted to the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland. The personal data is updated with Posti’s address update service.

Regular disclosures of data

Personal data will be stored for as long as necessary to perform the duties specified in the description of the file. Obsolete and unnecessary data is regularly destroyed. The data in the membership file will be stored until the member stops being a member of an association, fails to pay the annual membership fee or requests the destruction of his or her membership data. Personal data is not archived.

The processing and registration of personal data is performed in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Data from the data file is not disclosed to third parties.

Transfer of personal data to outside the EU or European Economic Area

 No transfers.

Principles of securing the data file

A. Manual materials: Manual materials are destroyed after being entered into the data file.

B. Electronically processed data: The data file is maintained in the Kilta register of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland’s service management system. Only employees authorised by their duties have access to the data file. The data file is protected with user IDs and passwords. Every respiratory health association is entitled to obtain access rights to the data file for the person responsible for membership matters. Such access rights can only be used to manage the membership matters of the specific association in question.

Users of the data file are bound by a non-disclosure obligation. The personal data contained in the file is stored confidentially. The interfaces to the information system are secured with technical measures.

Right of access

Personal Data Act, section 26: Individuals are entitled to inspect their data stored in the membership data file and to receive copies of the data upon request. Inspection requests shall be made in writing to the contact person of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland. Every data subject is entitled to one free inspection per year.

Right to prohibit processing

Personal Data Act, section 30: Data subjects have the right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of their data for direct marketing, telephone marketing or electronic marketing.

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