Savonlinna Public Health Foundation

The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland is one of the background organisations of the Savonlinna Public Health Foundation. The Foundation issues project grants to legally competent associations and foundations for the promotion of public health work. Precedence is given to joint projects and new forms of activity. The Foundation does not support the basic operations of such associations and foundations.

The purpose of public health work is to prevent diseases and promote the health, treatment and rehabilitation of groups and individuals. The Foundation takes a broad perspective in the promotion of health and emphasises measures that maintain health and the ability to function. The Foundation does not focus on any particular type of disease. Project evaluations emphasise participation, peer activities and working with people suffering from chronic diseases or disabilities. In order to receive grants, projects must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Regional or other significance;
  • Creation of new methods or forms of cooperation;
  • Results can be generalised, i.e. applied to other localities;
  • The project improves the participation and engagement of people with chronic diseases or disabilities or other groups and promotes cooperation between organisations;
  • The party implementing the project has sufficient financial means, expertise in the subject matter and project management and reporting capabilities.

Grants issued in 2018

  • Hengitysliitto ry 58.000 €
  • Invalidiliitto ry 100.000 €
  • Kuusamon Reuma ja Tulesyhdistys ry 10.000 € 
  • Oulun Invalidien Yhdistys ry 10.000 €
  • Suomen Reumaliitto 48.000 €
  • Suomen sklerodermayhdistys ry 3.500 €

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