Sytyke offers a variety of subcontracting services in the private and public sectors. The diverse rehabilitation and employment centre also serves individual customers.

The fundamental mission of Sytyke is to promote capabilities required in working life and prevent the marginalisation of those in a weak labour market position.

Sytyke has a long history of activity in North Ostrobothnia, i.e. the area south of Oulu, particularly in the municipalities of Sievi, Alavieska and Ylivieska. The metal workshop in Sytyke manufactures safety nets for European ice hockey rinks and assembles various metal fasteners for the installation of balcony glazing. The carpentry workshop produces pallets and crates that facilitate the transport operations of many companies.

Sytyke has a solid foundation of experience in rehabilitative employment activities and offers low-threshold activities, i.e. social rehabilitation aimed at providing a rhythm and pattern to the everyday lives of its customers. Sytyke helps those in need of rehabilitation cope with their everyday lives and make realistic plans for the future. Coaching people in tasks related to real work improves their self-confidence. Projects such as Vertaisverstas (Peer Workshop), Hyvä sauma (Good Chance) and PURA have created new solutions and practical tools, particularly for supporting young people who have been or are in danger of being marginalised.

Sytyke cooperates with the public social welfare and health care services: in addition to employment services, the centre offers grocery shopping services for the elderly and operates a café at the health centre. Sytyke also operates a second-hand shop on its own premises, which is the perfect place to donate your unwanted items or indulge in some bargain hunting.

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