Destroying movables

It will sometimes be necessary to destroy movables, furniture and other items to prevent the spread of mould spores. Items with visible mould growth should be destroyed, since they cannot be cleaned reliably, as should items that smell strongly of mould.

Items and furniture without visible mould or a powerful smell can be cleaned. However, items or furniture that still smell or cause symptoms after cleaning should be thrown away.

When moving out of a home with moisture or mould damage, you should clean all movables thoroughly, before taking them into the new residence. All unnecessary items should be thrown away in order to reduce the burden of cleaning.

Damaged items should be taken directly to a waste-sorting station, not sold or recycled.

According to the experiences of people who have lost their homes due to moisture or mould damage, they have had to replace most of their furniture and movables. People often throw away sofas, mattresses, bed linens, rugs and towels, because the smell of mould sticks readily to soft materials. Replacing the dish washer, laundry machine and vacuum cleaner is also common. The official cleaning instructions do not specifically mention the replacement of household appliances, but they are, nevertheless, often thrown away due to the smells they spread.

Giving up one’s home and emotionally significant belongings is a cause of grief and anxiety to many. For some people, it changes their relationship to things and reduces the significance of material goods. Many people have reported an increase in the significance of family time. Losses can bring people together but can also create tensions between them.

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