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A national advocate.

The baseline mission of the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland is to influence Finnish decision-making, attitudes and awareness related to respiratory health and diseases.

The Organisation operates both independently and as an active member of various networks. Nationally, the Organisation aims to influence the following questions:

Legislation related to indoor air, reimbursement for medical expenses and amendments to service fee legislation, the renewal of rehabilitation (rehabilitation guarantee and the development of outpatient rehabilitation), national guidelines for medicinal rehabilitation aids, the Act on the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity, smoking legislation, the health and social services reform (SOTE) and the development of expertise by experience and customer participation in government spearhead projects, as well as treatment chains and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland influences political decision-making by issuing statements, submitting appeals and bills for new legislation, and publishing comments and opinion pieces. The Organisation’s experts meet with politicians and civil servants and participate in the work of various working groups and parliamentary committees, when invited. We also operate under national programmes, such as the Allergy Programme 2018 and Tobacco-Free Finland 2030.

We influence health-care professionals (physicians, nurses, chemists and pharmacists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation instructors, etc.) by publishing research results, various guides and a newsletter. Respiratory health organisations advocate at the local level by maintaining contact with, e.g. the representatives of joint municipal authorities and hospital districts.

The Organisation’s experts give more than a hundred interviews and background analyses to reporters (newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online media) at the local and national levels. The topics range from construction to respiratory health (asthma, sleep apnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, non-smoking, exercise) and safeguarding the rights of people with respiratory diseases (indoor-air-induced conditions, general social security, etc.).

This website contains up-to-date facts and opinion pieces by the Organisation’s experts. You can send feedback and participate in the discussion through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter), where you will be able to recognise the Organisation and its experts by the ID @hengitysliitto.

We would be happy to answer your questions on our advocacy work: please contact Organisational Director Mervi Puolanne, mervi.puolanne(a)

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