Coronavirus and vaccinations

The vaccines against the coronavirus are ready.

For reliable and up-to-date information on vaccinations, please visit the online service.

The website offers information on the vaccines included in the national vaccination programme and the diseases these vaccines help prevent, as well as up-to-date information on authorised COVID-19 vaccines in Finland. The website is administered and produced by the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

You can track Finland’s progress on COVID-19 vaccinations on the THL vaccination data webpage (available in Finnish and Swedish).

. Adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines are tracked by Fimea’s online service. You can also report any adverse reactions to Fimea.

Pneumococcal vaccines

Virus infections can reduce your resistance to diseases, which means that it can be more likely to develop bacterial pneumonia. The pneumonia vaccine prevents post-infection bacterial pneumonia. The pneumonia vaccine is generally recommended to people with chronic lung diseases.