tuoksuton myrskyävä meri

TuoksutON campaign for promoting fragrance-free living

The #tuoksutON campaign encourages everyone to think about their use of fragrances.

Fragrances and scents affect us all. They are a source of both delight and anger, and they evoke many memories. The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland has launched the #tuoksutON campaign for promoting fragrance-free living as a positive lifestyle choice.

We encourage you to think about your relationship with fragrances and how you use them. Once you understand how much you use fragrances during the day and how these fragrances affect other people, it will be easier to change your habits.

We also encourage you to think about what you could do to reduce your use of fragrances. By reducing the use of fragrances, you will contribute to better respiratory health and improve people’s quality of life.

Download a campaign poster or order printed posters (in finnish).

Make a promise to promote fragrance-free living

Choose the commitment that suits you best and share it on social media under the hashtag #tuoksutON.

  1. I will enjoy the scents I like and give room for natural scents.
  2. I will pay attention to how many artificial fragrances I use.
  3. I will choose fragrance-free consumer products more often.
  4. I will not smoke.
  5. I will support service providers who are committed to reducing artificial fragrances.
  6. I will spread the word under the hashtags #tuoksuton and #suosikkituoksu.