Nicotine- and smoke-free life

Avoiding smoking is important for promoting respiratory health.

Tobacco and nicotine addiction is classified as a substance use disorder. It’s possible to overcome addiction and quitting is always worth the effort.

After quitting tobacco and nicotine products, you will quickly start to see positive results, and the health risks will decrease over time.

On our website about Nicotine- and smoke-free life, you will find information and support for quitting the use of nicotine products.

We mainly offer advice on quitting nicotine use in Finnish. If you need advice in Swedish or English, please contact us by email to

Today is the day

Read our guide to quitting smoking.

Tobacco, nicotine and the environment

Every stage of tobacco production depletes natural resources and generates waste and emissions.

30 facts about nicotine

Nicotine is a a stimulating and highly addictive substance.