Volunteer work must be supported

People with respiratory diseases and their friends and families offer voluntary peer support and share their experiences to help develop healthcare services. We organise peer support activities and maintain a peer support line with the help of volunteers. Local respiratory associations offer various peer support and exercise groups on a voluntary basis for people affected by respiratory diseases. Society should value and support these efforts to promote health and well-being. 

Peer support and exercise activities should be made a more integral part of the treatment chain. Good physical fitness helps people manage everyday tasks and live independently at home. Alongside medication, exercise is an important self-care tool for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Exercise reduces symptoms and the use of healthcare services.

We need more cooperation between municipalities and local respiratory associations. The sport groups of local respiratory associations should be offered free access to sport and exercise facilities.

The clients’ perspective should be taken into account more in the development of healthcare services. People with relevant experience should be involved in the development of the services. We will promote this message by cooperating with Duodecim on a project for incorporating the patients’ perspective into the treatment guidelines.

 We are also cooperating with the following organisations: 

  • The advisory board for ethical guidelines regarding voluntary telephone and online help (PuhEet)