Key messages for building health and indoor air quality

The prevention of indoor air problems requires active efforts from individuals, organisations, and decision-makers. We produce objective information and offer advice to citizens to help them make good decisions when buying, renovating, and building their homes.

Indoor air quality expertise is necessary at all stages of construction, maintenance, and repair, from planning to completion.

Construction and repair work and planning must be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations and guidelines.

When constructing new buildings, special attention should be paid to moisture control.

Water damage and mould are possible causes of indoor air problems. Indoor air quality is affected by various chemical, biological, and physical factors, which can also decrease comfort and cause symptoms.

One of the most common factors reducing indoor air quality is inadequate or improper ventilation. Problems may also be caused by indoor conditions (incorrect temperature, dry indoor air), inadequate cleaning and maintenance of the building or improper repairs.

Our weather and climate risk program gives recommendations to decision-makers and citizens on how to prepare for threats to the built environment.