Local associations

The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland includes 80 local respiratory health associations and two national associations: Sisäilmasta sairastuneet (Organisation for Persons with Indoor-Air-Induced Conditions) and Suomen CF-yhdistys (the Finnish CF Association). The total membership of the Organisation numbers nearly 23,000.

Individual members always join a local respiratory health association, which offer diverse activities and services at the local level, such as:

  • Peer support: various peer support groups and meetings
  • Members’ nights, clubs and trips
  • Exercise groups for children and adults
  • Information: public lectures and events, guides, advice and guidance
  • Support for a non-smoking lifestyle: help with withdrawal symptoms and visits to educational institutes
  • Cooperation with health care and other organisations
  • Local advocacy and supervision of interests
  • The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland supports the activities of the respiratory health associations by producing information and various support services.

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