Mucus removal exercises

Excess mucus irritates the airways, makes breathing more difficult, increases the need to cough, and causes shortness of breath. Excess mucus also increases the risk of infection in the airways.

Normally, mucus is removed from the bronchi with the help of the movement of the cilia which line the bronchi. Exercising to the point of getting out of breath increases the functioning of the cilia and facilitates the transfer of mucus to higher parts in the airways, so that it can be coughed out. There are also several useful methods for removing excess mucus.

The consequences of excess mucus include

  • coughing and sputum
  • changes in breathing sounds
  • shortness of breath
  • respiratory infections
  • exhaustion.

There are various techniques for removing excess mucus from the airways, all of which are based on calm and balanced breathing. These mucus removal techniques must always be done calmly. You should only deepen you breathing just enough to remove the excess mucus.

Before mucus removal, take the bronchodilator medication your physician has prescribed. Breathing steam and drinking plenty of fluids also help reduce the thickness of the mucus, allowing it to rise up more easily when you cough. Remember to be careful with steam inhalation!