Rehabilitation counsellors

Rehabilitation counsellors help people with long-term illnesses with their rehabilitation, daily living skills, and social functioning.

The purpose of rehabilitation counselling is to help people with respiratory diseases, as well as their friends and family, to reach their best possible level in life management, well-being, and functional ability.

Rehabilitation counsellors offer advice and support in rehabilitation-related matters. They give advice on how to use services and apply for benefits. If necessary, they can also give statements. Rehabilitation counsellors offer consultation on needs assessments for assistive devices and on the purchase, use, and monitoring of assistive devices.

If necessary, rehabilitation counsellors can be involved in the planning and implementation of apartment modifications. They also encourage rehabilitees to participate in the activities of patient organisations and peer support services.

The rehabilitation counsellor can visit the rehabilitee’s home, workplace, institution, day care centre, or school to assess the overall situation of the rehabilitee. They offer rehabilitees guidance regarding the treatment of long-term illnesses, education, training, and work. They also participate in rehabilitation working groups, make suggestions for rehabilitation plans, and monitor the progress made.

Rehabilitation counsellors organise adaptation courses and information sessions for the newly diagnosed. They offer training and information as experts in their field, both in their organisations and in cooperation networks. You can keep in touch with your rehabilitation counsellor yourself. They are there to serve rehabilitees, their relatives, and care providers.

You can usually contact your rehabilitation counsellor by phone, letter, or email. Rehabilitation counsellors often work in specialised medical care in inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, or their own offices.

Rehabilitation counselling does not cost anything to rehabilitees. The organisation of rehabilitation counselling is mainly the responsibility of specialised medical care services.