Tips on quitting smoking from peers

Tips from peers to make quitting easier

  • When you find the courage to try to quit, it can be surprisingly easy.
  • Positive affirmations can sometimes make you feel better. You don’t necessarily need to say them out loud.
  • I decided that the pack of cigarettes in my hand was going to be my last.
  • I started using nicotine replacement products.
  • It’s easier to quit smoking when you stop drinking first.
  • If I slip up or fail to stick to my plan, I’ll just decide to quit again.
  • I think about the good things quitting does to my health.

Tips from peers for staying smoke-free

  • I realised how much healthier, kinder and more positive I have been to my loved ones since I quit.
  • I decided to not just quit smoking but to live the rest of my life without smoking.
  • I take one day at a time. Every day I make the decision not to smoke.
  • I have noticed how much money I can save and spend on other things than nicotine.
  • I started to think about why I needed nicotine in the first place and realised there was no reason.
  • I came up with other ways to keep my hands occupied, like playing solitaire and doing card tricks.
  • I decided not to interrupt my leisure activities by taking a smoking break.
  • I do things that I enjoy to forget about smoking: knitting, reading, and going for a walk.
  • I avoid people who smoke and places where people smoke. I also stay away from e-cigarettes and snus.