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Fragrances and fragrance-free living

Natural scents are part of our living environment.

Scents create meaning and send us messages about our environment. Scents are filled with strong memories and emotions. Artificial fragrances and odours, however, are not a natural part of our living environment.

If we are exposed to a particular odour on a regular basis, we will usually become accustomed to it to the point that we no longer even notice it.

If a person has fragrance sensitivity, their body reacts to scents and the amount of scent differently. Their sense of smell will not become accustomed to fragrances over time.

The following fragrances and smells are the most common causes of symptoms in the central nervous system and the respiratory system:

  • musk
  • mould
  • ammonia
  • tobacco
  • printing ink
  • sour food products
  • fish.