Everyone is entitled to good respiratory health

People do not often pay attention to their respiratory health until they develop breathing difficulties. It is never too late to improve respiratory health. We promote respiratory health together with the organisations participating in the Yksi elämä project.  We have also contributed to a proposal submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health regarding a new respiratory health programme.

Together with regional respiratory health associations, we have lobbied local governments to take outdoor activities and the needs of pedestrians and cyclists into consideration. Urban parks and forests should have accessible routes.

We recommend that free exercise facilities should be offered to respiratory health associations. We encourage all citizens, regardless of their age and fitness level, to exercise and maintain their connection with nature. Along with the right medication, regular cardiovascular exercise is a cornerstone of self-care for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Exercise trains the remaining lung capacity, increases life expectancy, and improves quality of life.    

We encourage citizens, public organisations, and private-sector companies to take people suffering from fragrance sensitivity into consideration. We are raising awareness of fragrances and encourage people to use fewer artificial fragrances.

People who are considering quitting smoking need more support. The social security reform must ensure that every health centre offers support and guidance for people trying to quit smoking.

Low-threshold preventive lifestyle counselling should be made available free of charge to everyone who asks.

Our sport and exercise experts cooperate with the following networks:

  • Board of SoveLi ry
  • Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone (HOPE) project steering group
  • Hämeen Liikunta ja Urheilu ry: sport and exercise counselling network
  • Liikkujan Apteekki, project steering group
  • Liikkujan Polku network, family exercise group
  • Pirkan Loikka network: early childhood education and care
  • Suomen Latu, the Outdoor Association of Finland: Development programme for families’ physical activity 2019−2021