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Join the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland, you will always be welcome here!

By joining a local respiratory health association, you will be able to enjoy the services offered by the association and the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland, such as various peer support and exercise groups. You will also be able to influence important issues related to respiratory health, if you so desire.

Our membership consists of ordinary Finnish people who enjoy volunteer work, are looking for an exercise partner or information, or simply like to get together and relax. Some members participate in the Organisation’s activities on a regular basis, while others pitch in when their schedules allow. See all the benefits of becoming a member: Membership benefits. See our everyday activities around Finland:

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Membership fee

The membership fee varies slightly between associations, but is usually EUR 20–25 per year. Children, young people and the family of members usually enjoy a lower membership fee. Complete the form now: Join a respiratory health association!

If you do not have online banking codes, you can join as follows:

Print out liittymislomake.pdf or order a form by e-mail from jasenasiat(a)

Description of the membership data file.