Good indoor air quality is healthy for both people and buildings

People have a fundamental right to good indoor air quality. We are making long-term efforts to advocate on indoor air quality matters in the Terveet tilat 2028 project and the Finnish Indoor Air and Health Programme:

  • Terveet tilat 2028 programme: workshops (Ministry for the Environment)
  • The Finnish Indoor Air and Health Programme: steering group and secretariat (National Institute for Health and Welfare THL)

The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland is in charge of the Government’s research project for helping and supporting people suffering from indoor air-related problems. The purpose of this project is to understand the extent and nature of indoor air quality-related health, financial, and legal issues in Finland, and to identify the best ways to assist and support people who suffer from indoor air quality-related symptoms.

We are also participating in the indoor air quality working group of the Skin and Allergy Hospital.

Our building repair experts are involved in the following groups:

  • Regional cooperation groups: Oulu region, Uusimaa, Jyväskylä
  • Cooperation group for building repair experts